TRIBL Nights Atlanta

Unite the Tribes

With a heart to equip and advance the global church, TRIBL has come out of the gate with the first release of their TRIBL Nights anthology. Set in Atlanta and recorded over the course of three spirit-filled nights, this record transports listeners into the room of worshipers from across the globe. In developing assets and marketing for this release, our team locked into the heart of this extension of the Maverick City family: to be a game-changing creative force that is inclusive of all people.

Services Provided

Executive Creative Director: Matt M Higgins
Creative Director:
Josh Warner
Art Direction: Mitchell McCleary
Film Director: Brettley Ruggles
Designers: Brady Gibson, Jackie Gray
Video Editor: Marcos Avlis
Accounts Director: Sarah Andoh-Kesson
Project Managers: Liz Kendall & Maude Coté
Photography & Video: Mary Claire

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