Origin Coffee Bar

Curating and cultivating a community-focused coffee bar.

Giving the best-tasting coffee in a ten-foot radius the best branding in a ten-foot radius. Let’s face it – coffee is everywhere. That’s why Origin is taking it on the go and providing guests with hand-crafted java for the journey from the heart of Savannah, GA. Their mobile coffee bar, downtown venue, & professional baristas provide a unique experience that is guaranteed to impress. Leaving room for the notes of sass and splendor, we left the branding spicy yet structured for this quickly growing coffee bar. We had the delightful challenge of creating an elevated coffee brand, unlike the “ma and pa” corner coffee shop, that delivers experiences fit for weddings and block parties alike. Finding the right balance of personality and style, Origin Coffee Bar rolls up to the Savannah coffee scene like a witty Don Draper.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Web Design & Development

Photography: Courtney Brubaker, Square City Productions, Matt M Higgins, & Izzy + Co.

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