Be The Church

Chasing for more than a stagnant religion.

Their mission is simple: Equipping and empowering people to be the church everywhere they go. In designing their brand identity, we wanted to ensure we made a system that would have power and purpose behind it. Working with their pastoral leaders, our team developed a visual language articulating and expressing the primary tenets of their ministry that serve together across all mediums and formats.


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Spec Website Design

Matt and the team are amazing. They were great at asking questions to help them get an understanding of the brand's purpose, mission, and vision and did their research on how the brand needed to be designed to stand out among others in our area. One of the things I love the most is that Matt underpromised and over-delivered. For example, he gave us a timeline for the brand design and delivery; then worked ahead of that timeline, giving us options and deliverables 7-10 days ahead of schedule. That usually never happens with creatives, being a creative myself - that speaks not only of Matt and the team's creativity and design skills but their leadership and customer relation skills. We will continue to utilize Doxology for our future design needs, but also feel like we gained a friend.

Ben McDonald, Pastor @ Be The Church

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