The Icho Group & Doxology Creative Have Joined Forces

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We are proud to announce that Doxology Creative has been given the incredible opportunity to join forces with The Icho Group, taking Doxology Creative to the next level as a full-service creative, branding, and marketing agency.

Sharing matching visions and complementary backgrounds, the decision to pair up stems from our collective mission to make a larger difference in local and global communities by providing our clients with top-notch creative services. By coming together under the Doxology Creative name, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading experience and quality in order to equip and empower innovative brands that inspire, challenge, and positively affect others. 

Our growing team houses roles from client managers to videographers to digital strategists who each come from a different background, bringing their fresh perspective and experience to the table. Ultimately, it’s our goal to provide you with services that’ll change how both you and your audience view and experience marketing, production, branding, innovation, and creativity.

This partnership turned merger has been in the works for some time, and while that’s a story for later, one that we soon hope to tell, we are deeply excited for the future ahead! While our teams and offerings may be expanding and changing, one thing remains the same. 

We are Doxology Creative.

I'd love to hear about your challenges as a business and see how Doxology Creative can help you make a more profound impact through your brand.